Ashmore Estates, Illinois

Right outside the Ashmore perimeter, only a four-minute drive from the middle of the town lies the Ashmore Estates. While this isn’t the only part of the town that’s known for it’s haunting stories, it is one of the locations that intrigues us the most. From the history of the property to the


The history of this location is one of the things that makes it so incredibly unique. Over the years it has served different purposes, told different stories and left different spirits behind. Below is a brief overview of the years this property served a purpose, and what occurred in each of those time frames.


This two story brick building was the first farm built on some recently purchased land. It was a large building with an attached kitchen, and mentally ill individuals were put up in the estates. The thing worth noting here is that these individuals were actually called inmates. In the time that this property was a farm house for the mentally ill, there were an astounding amount of deaths. In 1979 alone, there were a recorded 32 deaths out of the 250 inmates that had been staying at the estates. Any of the inmates that died while living on the land were buried on a plot of the land, just a little ways from the house. There are an estimated 60 to 100 people that are buried in this cemetery.

By 1902 the farm had been put up for sale. The Board of State Commissioners deemed that the house itself was in such poor conditions that it could not be used to hold the mentally ill anymore. Aside from the fact that there were “vermin infested walls, improper ventilation, and small windows”, there were also no restraints used to manage the mentally ill, which created a hostile and dangerous environment. In 1915, this property was sold in a bid and used to create a fireproof building in the same location.


The building finally sold in 1916 and began its next chapter as an Almshouse. This became an opportunity for people to work on the farm and find a sanctuary of sorts in this building. This haven lasted a few years, but in 1959 the building was sold again to Ashmore Estates, Inc. This was the beginning of the time period where Ashmore Estates became a private psychiatric hospital. After a mere five years of being open, the psychiatric hospital was closed down due to a build-up of debt. Only a short six years later, the hospital reopened, but rather than remain a private hospital they opened up the facility to individuals from mental institutions around the state. After a couple of years of being open, Ashmore Estates was home to 49 patients.

While the hospital was full, there were still plenty of finances that needed to be dealt with. The coming years brought concerns for finances and had a variety of people offering to help. Unfortunately, the state took their time in deciding what types of licenses and help this hospital could receive, and the hospital wound up sending all of the patients back to areas where they could receive the care they need.

1987 and On

 After the hospital closed, there was a range of individuals that made an attempt to make an offer on the home. Each individual wanted to provide full-on restorations to the space and turn it into their home, but turns of events and inabilities to complete the job always made it impossible. Every individual would put their down their payment, create renovations, and then wind up with only a few of them completed before the house wound up back on the market. In 2006, this house became a space that was dedicated to the hauntings that had been noticed and told. From overnight stays to tours that cover the history of the building, there are so many reasons that this has become one of the top places to visit when you’re wanting to experience a good ghost hunt.


With interesting history comes the opportunity for even greater hauntings. Since there were so many time periods where individuals were held in this space, and there is so much that is unknown about the building and what those walls have seen, every ghost tour offers something very new in regards to what is seen and experienced.

Ashmore Estates has been included in a variety of films, documentaries, and books all of which cover the unspoken things that are said to have happened on this property. From torture to mentally ill individuals to the eery pagan practices that are said to have happened, the Ashmore Estates make for the perfect place to enjoy a ghost hunt. With every new owner and component of history, there is a new story. As a team, we enjoy interacting with the various folktales, stories and shared hauntings that we hear.

What makes this one of the best places to visit is that no one is entirely sure what happened in this building or how it wound up in the condition that it did. From one owner of the property to the next, there are different occurrences that confirm that whatever it was that did happen, it lingers there still. Each tour will cover the history and show you where these different events occurred, but we hope to encounter some of the poor souls that were prisoners in this mental institute and later, hospital. It is believed that the spirits of those buried and tortured here are still spending their time keeping people from making a home of the space.

If you’re interested in seeing all that Ashmore Estates has to offer, then it’s time that you schedule an appointment with our team of ghost hunters. Schedule your trip to the Ashmore Estates with Ghost Hunts USA today. Find a date that will work for you and allow for us to take you on an adventure of a lifetime, among the dead.