Bobby Mackey’s Music World, Kentucky

When you think of a music hall, the memories or thoughts that you conjure up are probably great ones, but that’s just not the case at Bobby Mackey's Music World. Known as one of the most haunted places in the world, this music hall has been a place full of murder, gambling, prohibition, and a little bit of music. Ghost Hunt USA loves taking things to the extreme, and we feel that those that even those that are curious about experiencing the paranormal would genuinely be spooked by their experience at Bobby Mackey’s Music World.


As with any haunted location, there comes a past. This specific location comes with a story that in itself is chilling to the bone. Get a glimpse of where this haunted and daunting building started off, and where it wound up, below.

1850 - A Slaughterhouse

Built in the 1850’s this building that is now known as a dance hall was once a slaughterhouse and meat packing plant. This original building has since been renovated, except for one single item. A well that was used to remove the blood of the animals that were slaughtered still remains in the building, leaving a personal touch of an absolutely haunting story in this building. While the slaughterhouse was busy, it was closed down in the 1890’s. While the building may have been shut down, rumor has it that it was far from being empty.

In the basement of this building, a group of occultists began to use this space as a place for demonic rituals and ceremonies to be completed. In the well that was mentioned above, the bones of small animals that were sacrificed for these ceremonies were found, but thus began some of the darker components of the building known as Bobby Mackey’s Music World. There is one room specifically in this space that is known as being used as a space for summoning the devil and worshiping demons. Like we said, this space was far from empty.

That same well that held the dead corpses of the animals was not only used for that one instance. In 1896, a missing pregnant woman named Pearly Bryan was found to have been murdered and decapitated after a botched abortion. The murder is said to have happened by her boyfriend, Scott Jackson. Rumor has it that her head was found in the well. Later on, when the well was opened for a new transformation of the space, this well became known as a “portal to hell”. While the couple was from Indiana, it is said that Pearl continues to haunt the music hall.

1930’s - A Casino

While the space made for a great place to perform these rituals, it did eventually get bought and serve a completely different purpose. For a couple of decades, this space was the ideal location to enjoy a good game of blackjack or craps. Buck Brady purchased the place and called it Primrose. It was an incredibly successful casino and attracted attention from Newport’s Merchant’s Club and Glen Schmidt’s Playtorium. This was the place to be and was known as a nightclub, speakeasy, and casino all throughout the prohibition.

As the prohibition ended in 1933, the casino and nightclub drew, even more, attention and became a commonplace for people hang around, it wasn’t long until the Cincinnati mobsters began to weasel their way in and act for a cut of the profits. This lead to an increase in tension and danger; customers were getting jumped outside, fighting was a common occurrence, and threats were far from few. This continued until the year 1946 when Buck threatened a mobster by the name of Albert “Red” Materson and left the property.

1950’s - A Nightclub

The building wasn’t left empty for long, in the 1950’s it quickly picked up as a nightclub called the Latin Quarter. The daughter of the club owner, Johanna, was a frequent visitor of the dance hall, and after going for quite some time, she fell in love with an artist that often performed there: Robert Randall. This young romance wasn’t one that was looked at proudly, and Johanna wound up pregnant in a romance that was already frowned upon. With full intentions of running off with her young lover, Johanna felt that nothing could stop her, little did she know what was coming. With the help of his criminal connections, the club owner had Robert Randall hung in one of the dressing rooms of the nightclub. When Johanna found out what her father had done, she quickly made a plan of action and poisoned her father. She then quickly took her own life in the basement of the building. It’s said that you can still smell the scent of her rose perfume when visiting the space.

The club remained open even after this gruesome incident, but after a series of shootings that were absolutely fatal, local authorities were required to close down the nightclub. However, it wouldn’t remain closed for long.

Bobby Mackey

In the same year, a country artist by the name of Bobby Mackey, which is strangely coincidental considering the full name of the singer who was murdered was Robert Randall Mackey, bought the dancehall. This is the dancehall that is still standing in Wilder, Kentucky today. The Bobby Mackey that purchased the dancehall doesn’t like to feed into the stories that he’s heard, and he doesn’t personally believe that it’s haunted, but he does take the word of family members and those who have brought it to his attention, for what it’s worth. Even though he does not put full energy into focusing on the paranormal entities that are said to hang around the building, efforts from psychics and the clergy have been made, yet a dark force is still said to linger.

While Bobby Mackey does say he is not a believe, he did write a song for the young woman that took her life and is said to haunt the building. Johanna is one of the more popular songs known by the artist, and even mentions the rose perfume that plenty of customers and employees have mentioned.

Paranormal Activity

Seeing as how this space is deemed one of the most haunted locations to visit in the US, there is quite a bit of paranormal activity and ghosts that are said to be in this space. From the ghost of Johanna that is said to be seen and smelled throughout the honkey tonk, to the unbearable anger and frustration that overcomes those that step into the summoning rooms, trips to Bobby Mackey's always ends with a story. Seeing as how the history of this location is so intricate and offers a little bit of everything, murder, prohibition, love, betrayal, and summoning of the devil, it’s pretty hard to say no.

If you are interested in scheduling a ghost tour at one of our favorite haunted attractions, check out the current scheduled dates for the Bobby Mackey tour and add it to your calendar. This is most certainly a tour for those with some thick skin and a flare for adventure, but it’s one that you will always remember. And let’s be honest, how can you not be intrigued by the haunting tale of Bobby Mackey’s Music World?