Hill View Manor, Pennsylvania

Just North of Pittsburgh, you will find one of the most haunted locations in the state of Pennsylvania: Hill View Manor. This building started off with a tremendous effort to get bids so that they could begin building a place for the mentally ill that had no known family to assist them. The goal of this facility was to provide individuals who were alone, with a beautiful place to spend their time and enjoy the remainder of their lives. While the facility was beautiful and served as a shelter for many individuals that could not care for themselves, it is now one of the most haunted locations in the state of Pennsylvania.

Lawrence County Home

Opened on October 19th, 1926, the facility was designed to ensure that all individuals were entered into this house were taken care of and enjoyed the remainder of their house. On this day, superintendent Perry D Snyder, his wife and children, 12 staff mates, and the first 20 residents moved from the old farm and into this new, beautiful facility. Many of the residents were wards of the county and were sentenced to confinement.

This new home was far from unpleasant, in fact, it accounted for quite a bit to ensure that each of the individuals that stayed at this location was comfortable and could enjoy the time spent there. The Lawrence County Home had a golf course, cemetery, vocational rooms, laundry, lounging areas, smoking room, bomb shelter, a garage, a garden, and a working farm, aside from the rooms.

This home served people beautifully and worked alongside a few other facilities that primarily cared for young children and older women. At any given time, a number of patients would fluctuate from 70 to 170. Around June of 1944, county welfare officials claimed that they Snyders, who were now in their 70’s, were too old to be managing the facility. They were allowed to stay at the facility when this claim was made, but by August they were given no more than 3 weeks to completely vacate the facility. Perry was extremely ill, and his wife had been taking care of him, and by this time their daughter who had also lived in the home thus far, had also passed away. This was the end of a 30-year dedication to the Lawrence County Home.

At this point, Mantz B. Hogue, the director of the welfare department, took over all operations and management of the Lawrence County Home.

The 1960’s

The home was run by Hogue for a good amount of time and remained successful. Later in the 1960’s, the Lawrence County Home was remodeled and slowly made the transition to being a skilled nursing center. The remodeling came to be because of a number of patients that were usually in the center. An average of 115 patients was constantly living in the center. As a result, the director at the time, Clarence E. Covert, resigned. He felt as though there was a lack of support and an overload of pressure to manage the house. He resigned in 1973.

Add-Ons & Renovations

After Covert resigned, the county made the decision to accommodate for the constant influx of patients in the home. This decision led to the creation of a new section that was known as the North Wing. Aside from that, there were also additions that were made to the existing rooms, and a new three-story addition that included a basement. There was also a new kitchen, dining room, and lounging rooms that were a part of the construction and renovation plan. The north wing that was added to the facility opened in 1977. At this point in time, the facility was a completely different place than when it first opened its doors as Lawrence County Home. All of these changes warranted a new name, which is when it was officially renamed as Hill View Manor, on March 22 of 1977.

This change of name did not mean any big changes happened in a number of patients that were taken. The facility continued to remain busy and saw plenty of patients in the years that followed. In 2004, The Hill View Manor was forced to close its doors due to financial issues. While it still remains on top of the hill that it always has, and the facility is empty, there are said to be plenty of opportunities to interact with residents of the past.


This area is said to be the scene of many horrible deaths and suicides. At least one hanging is accounted for, as well as one individual that jumped off the roof. There are so many deaths that were not recorded, which is why there are so many blank tombstones in the cemetery at Hill View Manor. These residents are said to still haunt the area, as well as a young boy that was a part of the first 20 residents moved to Lawrence County Home, a dog that runs down the halls, and some of the old staff. People have mentioned hearing footsteps and voices while seeing doors slam and objects move.

There are a few people that are known to haunt the building, and many of them appear in shadows that flow through the building. One of the ghosts, Jeffery, is said to look like a boy around the ages of 6 or 7. While he is a child, he is far from harmless. There is a saying that those that lay eyes on this boy when visiting the Hill View Manor would die shortly after. The room of a patient named Mary Virginia, room 105, is also said to be haunted, as well as a boiler room in the space that is said to be haunted by an elderly man that demands people get out of his space. Doors slamming is not uncommon in either of these situations.

There were hundreds of thousands of people that were permitted to living in this facility, and the tormented souls of the patients that once resided here still live to haunt the building. People have accounted for full body apparitions and the undeniable energy of a lingering spirit. People who have visited the location have felt something grabbing them while they visited the halls, and have been warned by the spirits to avoid rooms and halls throughout the room. The hauntings that people experience in the Hill View Manor are ones that have yet to be explained, and can only be described as the spirits of the patients that were once permitted to Hill View Manor.


While the Hill View Manor was abandoned and has been for years now, it’s still incredibly illegal to be trespassing on this land. There are plenty of people who are curious of the hauntings that are rumored to happen on this land, but the right moves need to be made in order for a tour to happen at the Hill View Manor. In order to experience this haunted house the right way, you need to schedule a tour with one of the few people that are daring enough to visit the Hill View Manor in the first place.

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