Old South Pittsburg Hospital, Tennessee

For those of you that are even the slightest bit more daring or looking for an adventure that will leave you spooked when you leave, looking into visiting the Old South Pittsburg hospital in Tennessee should be on your list. This property offers the chance for overnight stays, spooky paranormal encounters and the bragging rights to say that you’ve visited one of the most haunted attractions in Tennessee. Ghost Hunts USA, being the team of curious paranormal investigators that we are, felt an obligation to go and visit this space. The lives of the individuals that have lived in the hospital intrigued us, but what made it an absolute must be some of the tales that have been told in regards to visiting the hospital long after any patients were admitted. Before you decide to jump into this ghost hunting event, check out the history and recorded hauntings that you could face when you visit. For some, the Old South Pittsburg Hospital may be more than you’re willing to jump into.


The hospital that so many are terrified of visiting is located at what people refer to as the “Foothill” of the South Pittsburg Mountain in the state of Tennessee. The facility was founded and named by four medical professionals. It was in 1959 that South Pittsburg Municipal Hospital, also known as SPMH for short, became established. Coming out to be 68,000 feet, this hospital was designed with the intentions of providing a medical facility that could treat and care for a community that was beginning to grow. While the hospital was quite large, there were plenty of additions that were built over the years.

The Land

Part of the paranormal activity that you experience is due to the events that happened in the hospital, but a very specific part of what you will experience when visiting the hotel is greatly due to the land that it was built on. Something that is incredibly distinct about this facility is that the land that it was built on has a natural spring that now runs underneath the hospital, right into the Northwest region of the Tennessee River. This spring is said to be one of the commodities that brought people to this part of Tennessee. Some of the individuals that came and made the most of the land are known as the Chiaha tribe.

The tribe used this area to practice skills that would make their day to day life better. Anything from practicing hunting to enhancing skills and techniques for farming was done on this part of the land. In the time of the Civil War, the tribe allowed for soldiers to use a portion of the land to store their supplies. Unfortunately, the land was overtaken in a battle and many of the soldiers in this area, as well as many people from the tribe, were killed. Many believe that these deaths contribute to some of the hauntings of the hospital.

While the land was eventually taken back by the Union soldiers, the memories of the terrible attack and the loss of those individuals remained there. In time the railway system made it’s way to the area, and this increased the productivity and opportunity in the area. While not much more happened in this area, there is a sense of misfortune and loss that people often tied to the land and continues to stick around long after the battle happened.

After the land was used for soldiers, in the early 1920’s, there was a plantation that was built on the land. After some time there was a fire that happened and burnt down the entire plantation. In this fire, seven children lost their lives. The hospital was then a few decades later.

The Hospital

As we mentioned before, the hospital was established back in 1959. With a total of three floors and quite a few wings, many of the people that have been to the hospital talk about the cruel and terrible things that happened in the hospital. While this was a durable and well-structured facility, it wasn’t one of the better hospitals that people could go to when they needed help. Because of that, there were many people that did lose their lives while being cared for.

Sick people weren’t the only ones that were admitted. Some of the craziest individuals in the hospital were those that were going through a rehab program. This is something that the hospital provided but turned fairly quickly. In a matter of time the program that was once designed to care for those that were overcoming substance problems quickly became a hospital for the mentally ill. Because it wasn’t the best hospital to check someone into, the long term stays became even more frightening in regards to how well these patients were cared for and how many of them lived. These spirits are beyond our world but lost in a completely different way. You may here a few cackles as you visit this portion of the hospital on your ghost hunting adventure.

Even though the hospital was not the best in the area, it was, more often than not, full with quite a few patients. The Old South Pittsburg Hospital was closed down in 1998. The closing was quiet but was completed so that the hospital could be expanded in Jasper, Tennessee where a good majority of the patients that were in the original Old South Pittsburg hospital were moved to. In the years following its closure, it has been recognized as one of the most haunted attractions in the state of Tennessee.

Paranormal Activity

We’ve been talking about the hospital for a while, and we’re only just getting started on the paranormal activity that has been said to happen in this location. From the different events that happened on the land to the occurrences that awakened the dead of the hospital, space is far from empty and very much active. Depending on who you ask, the spirits that haunt the area could be from either

There is a child that is said to have had a pretty intensive surgery. Unfortunately, the surgery didn’t go well, and this little girl is said to haunt the halls of the hospital. Some of the nurses that took part in the surgery still refuse, to this day, to go into the room that the surgery happened in. However, this isn’t the only part of the hospital that this little girl haunts. Things get moved around quite a bit, and laughter and running are heard at times when walking. The door of the elevator across from that specific room is also known to open and close often.

As we mentioned before, there were quite a few people that died, another one of the more active spirits was a maintenance man that worked on the site. He died in his office, and while the spirit wasn’t tortured or passed in any terribly horrific way, he definitely doesn’t like it when people come into the mechanical room and play around with the equipment. The floors are often flooded with water, often prompting the question as to how all of this remains safe. Tags from the initial hospital are still on the different pieces of equipment in the room.

There are so many people that passed away in this hospital that it would be impossible to cover them all. This hospital is believed to have been the last resort for those that were too ill to make it to a hospital in a big city. That being said, many of the people that were admitted to the hospital did pass away, some in horrible and wearing ways. The hospital had a psychiatric ward, and there were quite a few patients that did lose their minds in the hospital.

If you’re not sure whether or not these are simply tales of the individuals that lived there, you will quickly be proven wrong. EVP recordings are one of the main ways that we engage in conversations with the spirits of the hospital, and when given the opportunity to use some of the high-quality equipment that we have. For the employees that have spent plenty of time in the hospital, they’ve got an insane amount of encounters to recall. Anything from medicine and hospital beds moving in the middle of a shift, to unexplained voices that they’ve heard, this location is definitely one that makes for an out of the ordinary ghost hunting experience.

Ghost Hunts USA wants to take you on the trip of a lifetime to one of the most haunted places in the state of Tennessee. If you are interested in joining our team to experience one of the most haunted places in the state, then it’s time for you to go and take a look at all of the times that we’ll be out visiting the great state of Tennessee just to see the one and only Old South Pittsburg Hospital. Check them out today and join us on one of these incredible tours.