Poasttown School - Ohio

If you’re a fan of paranormal activity and hauntings from spirits that can’t seem to let go, then you know that there are plenty of times where hospitals, graveyards, penitentiaries, and homes have unexplainable activities happen that leave them known as some of the most haunted attractions in the world. One of the sites that are less heard of in regards to hauntings is schools. That simply isn’t the case for the Poasttown Elementary school. The phrase that people hear when they begin to look into the adventure of the ghost hunting tour goes along the lines of “Prepare to be educated. When you leave, you will believe”. Let’s start off by covering some of the basic histories of this location and what it is that makes it such a frightening place to spend time.


The community of Poasttown was laid out by a man named Peter Post in the year of 1818. Originally known as West Liberty, the area has had its name changed a few times. The elementary school itself was built in 1937. Fast forward to today, and the area is now named Madison Township and the school is filled with paranormal spirits.

There are a few students that once went to the school that still walk the halls of the school today, and they too can tell you that the rumors of the haunted elementary school are true. Unexplainable activity is noticed by these students, and the more time that they spend in the building the more difficult it becomes to deny that the spirits in this space are a myth.

One of the most telling parts of this school is that there has never been a death within the school, as far as records show, but there is too much activity to ignore the reality that this school is in fact haunted. One of the reasons that this is believed to be the case is because of an accident that happened less than a mile away from the school, and when you hear more about that, you’ll quickly understand why.

Train Crash

While there are no records of deaths happening in the school, one of the more likely explanations ties back to a couple of train crashes that happened roughly a mile away from the school. One of the train accidents happened in 1895, and the second happened in 1910. Both of these train crashes happened on July 4th.

The second crash that took place is listed as the worst crash in the history of Butler County. The crash happened between a passenger train and a freight train and left 25 dead and roughly 35 injured. The space became a place for people to come and mourn those that died, but as far as records show, this is the closest accident and deaths to the school itself.

The school was closed down in 1999 and was purchased by a man who was once a student at the Poasttown School named Darrell Whisman. He currently tells the story to people from across the world about what he’s heard. Seeing as how he spends so much time in the building, maintaining the classroom, yard and overall aesthetic of it, he does hear quite a bit of strange activity. For any of you that feel he might just be making it up, Whisman wasn’t even fully aware of what a haunted house was when he first bought this and quickly learned when everyone asked if that was his intention after buying the space. While it may seem like a great idea, Whisman says that he had no intentions or ideas for what he would be doing with the property when he purchases it.


As we’ve said a few times, the Poasttown Elementary School is one of the most haunted locations in Ohio. While there aren’t any deaths that have happened it’s entirely impossible to deny the activity that you encounter while you’re there. People that have walked the halls, including Whisman and his wife, have said to have heard children laughing, chalkboards being written on, desks sliding across the floor and unexplainable movements from objects throughout the school.

While there aren’t any horrible stories that are directly tied to the school, the paranormal activity is definitely true. Whisman has had quite a few paranormal investigation teams come through the area and ask to tour the school. On one tour, he remembers being told that ghost that can’t leave the world to go to the place that they were once happiest, and that is why he believes that there are so many children that do haunt the school. We can’t help but love the idea that these ghosts that people interact with are in a space that they’re happy, and that’s what makes them such strong and active spirits.

Many of the other teams that we’ve talked to about this location agree. The word “haunted” doesn’t exactly explain this space. If you’ve been to a ghost hunting event before, then you know the overall emotion that can come from walking through a place that is haunted, and that’s simply not the case here. No team has denied the active paranormal activities that do happen when visiting, but the feeling of this space, in particular, is just different from what most people would expect, and do encounter when they go to a ghost hunting event.

Ghost Hunts USA wants to take you on a trip to one of the most spiritually active locations in Ohio. If you’re interested in taking a trip to Poasttown with our team and having the advantage of using some of the highest quality of technology available, then it’s time for you to go and check out the variety of dates that we currently have scheduled to visit the school. We can’t wait to head out there and interact with some of the spirits that have been noted at the property. This is the perfect tour for those who are looking for a location that is more on the side of timid interactions than others.