Silvio’s Villa, New York

We’d love to sell you on the idea of a delicious three-course Italian meal, in the comfort of a beautiful space, but we are fully aware that the reason you’re really heading over to this space is so that you can enjoy the company of the many guests that still haunt the space. Silvio’s Villa, located in Warwick, New York, is known for their fine cuisine that can turn just about any fresh ingredient into an absolutely fantastic meal, but we visit them for other reasons. This Italian Villa has a colorful history that has made this one of the haunted locations that we continue to visit.


Built in the late 1700’s by a Revolutionary War veteran by the name of Levi Ellis, the building known as Silvio’s Italian Villa was once a safe haven and home to many residents and travelers over the years. This space has had quite a few renovations in that time which has given it an entirely different look. But while this space looks newer, some of the spirits that once spent time here have managed to be a part of so many people’s meals.

 As we mentioned before, the original building was built by a veteran named Levi Ellis, on land that once belonged to the Minsi Indians. The land itself was named by Benjamin Aske in the 18th century. The original space that was built is still a part of the Villa today. Ellis’ home is now the entrance to the villa and the Ellis room inside of the Villa.

 In 1811, this original house was expanded, but it wasn’t the last expansion that would happen. A few decades later the mansion was expanded even more. This was due to a man by the name of Gilbert Drew that purchased the home and wanted a second floor added to his estate. After the work was complete, Drew named the estate Maple Glen Farm and remained there until his death. In the year of 1920, the mansion was purchased by a man of the name Harry Vail. Vail and his family lived there up until 1960. A member of the Vail family, Roy, was a professional gunsmith and was known for creating and working on guns for many well-known individuals, including George Washington himself.

 Roy Vail is to thank for quite a few of the extensions that were made to the space. He added the Coal, Party and Vail rooms to the space. Aside from additions that the Vails contributed to the space, they also make up a good amount of the stories that we have heard. Roy Vail was struck by tragedy when his sister was murdered in the year 1972. No charges were ever made, no suspects ever found and no motive ever suspected. It was a horrible tragedy that was never understood or answered. Being a small community, and given the fact that there were no motives or suspects, rumors quickly flew that Roy was involved in the murder. After dealing with, what may be guilt or utter heartbreak, Roy took his life. The exact spot where he took his life is located right by table 24, iso it’s not uncommon for there to be some sort of paranormal activity for those that dine in the surrounding area.

 At this point, the house was sold to Ron Vitello Sr., who made the space into an inn and restaurant. He named it The Vail House Inn and welcomed guests from far and near to enjoy the space. The conversions that were required to make this space a fully functioning inn and restaurant were pretty intensive, and lead to the addition of a kitchen, lounge and the gardens over the space. It was later sold to its namesake Silvio. In the two decades of time that Silvio has owned the space, it has provided a place for people to enjoy delicious, authentic Italian food.


While places like asylums have pretty self-explanatory events that tie spirits back to a certain space, when we come to homes or restaurants we wonder what it is that binds the tie of the spirits that remain there. For some it’s a tragic event, for others it’s waiting for those that did not pass away there. With this specific space, there are a few reasons that we think the spirits linger here and that’s entirely based off of what we’ve experienced.

 Between the items that have been found dating back to the times where Native Americans roamed the land, and the different EVP recordings that we have are proof and support of the different scenarios where paranormal activity has been noted. There have been spurts of energy and light that people have recorded on video, but more than that, the area is especially active with EVP recordings. Tales tell of a little girl that haunts the area. She’s pretty active when people sit and talk to her, but who exactly she is or why she has stayed at the Villa is unknown. Aside from that, there are so many different noises that people hear. From voices that are trailing down the hall to objects that are moved without any explanation, visiting this space is definitely something that you can count on. In the space where Roy Vail killed himself, people mention strange light anomalies that travel across the walls and EVP recordings of a male voice. At times it sounds like a male voice is shouting in the space, but even the EVP recordings that are picked up are very audible and clear.

 Ghost Hunts USA visits the Silvio Villa frequently, and we would love for you and your fellow paranormal investigator friends to come out and have a paranormal experience in one of the most history intensive locations that we visit. Check out our schedule and see if you can come on any of those dates, or find another location that you are interested in visiting. Each ghost hunt that you go on allows for an entirely new and exciting experience to be had.