SK Haunted Victorian Mansion, Massachusetts

Ghost Hunts USA isn’t just about visiting prisons and asylums, though we do find them to be incredibly intriguing. Today we’d like to welcome you to the SK Pierce, Haunted Victorian Mansion. A tale that talks about great success, a beautiful home, and story that still haunts the Earth to this day. The best part about it is that it too is one of the many locations that we enjoy ghost tours on. Check out the story that keeps us going back to this haunted mansion for ghost hunts.


Considering this was a home built with a purpose, and not a penitentiary or asylum, the reasoning behind building the house and the haunting events that have been accounted for in this house, are something that

Sylvester Pierce

We have to start with the owner of this mansion and the entire reason that it was built. Sylvester Knowlton Pierces was the owner of a successful furniture company called S.K. Pierce and Sons Furniture Company. The furniture business was so successful that Gardner, Massachusetts, where later known as Chair City. This built up the desire to show off this public stature, and Pierces chose to do so in the form of a mansion.

The Mansion

Built in 1875, the SK Victorian mansion took over a year to build. That may not seem too long when you consider that the home is 10 bedrooms and over 6,000 square feet large, but there were over 100 men that were working on this home, all at once. The house is full of hand carved moldings, seen throughout the house, but the detail is one of the primary components that made this space so incredible. There are unique touches throughout the house; every bedroom has it’s own special details, while even the quarters that the servants stayed in were beautiful.

The beautiful mansion saw plenty of guests; from former president Calvin Coolidge to Norman Rockwell, there were many well-known individuals that took the time to stay at the beautiful house. This was also the meeting place for the Freemason Society, one of the world’s oldest secret societies. The house was incredible, took years to create and was a place that people near and far envied and adored. While this was a home that had so much anticipation and excitement built up around it, it wasn’t shortly after the family moved in that things started to take a turn.

Weeks after moving into the house, Susan Pierce became seriously ill with a bacterial illness. After a year of mourning the death of his wife, Pierce remarried to a woman named Ellen Pierce, who was 30 years younger than him and had two children. Pierce passed away, leaving his wife and three sons to the mansion, and when Ellen passed, the three boys fought over who would take ownership of the furniture business and the mansion. The fight for the furniture business ended when the great depression came along, and the youngest son, Edward, wound up taking over the mansion.

While the depression continued, the family fortune was slowly sucked up. In an attempt to earn back some money, Edward made the mansion a boarding home, that quickly became a place of drinking, gambling, and prostitution for people stopping into town. These out of control interests lead to tales of murder. It is said that there was a prostitute that had been strangled in one of the bedrooms of the house, while a boarder had also burned his master in one of the other bedrooms. Another story tells the tale of a little boy that drowned in the basement of the mansion. These stories were followed by a string of paranormal activities and strange happenings, and word quickly spread that the mansion was haunted.

The House Now

S.K. Victorian Mansion has been sold and repurchased more than once, and in that time, every single owner has worked hard to try and discover the hidden secrets that lie in this mansion. Understanding why the ghosts are lingering in the building is something that has not been done up to this point in time, and the house continues to remain on the market. While updates and cleaning up the house is something that remains on the list of every new buyer, no owner has yet to make the mansion the beautiful building it once was. It is currently known as the second most haunted house in Massachusetts, and #9 in the United States. This is definitely a ghost hunt for those that enjoy a good thrill, and potentially one to stay away from for those that are faint of heart.


This house that has held so many stories, travelers and family members now holds the souls of so many ghosts. It is said that there are quite a few ghosts that are found in the house and it’s not uncommon for people to see them throughout their visit in the mansion. People have so far have said that they’ve seen:

  • S.K. Pierce
  • Susan Pierce
  • Edward Pierce
  • Mattie Cornwell - a nanny of the house
  • David - the Red Room Strangler
  • Prostitute - murdered in the Red Room
  • Young boy drowned in the basement
  • Young girl believed to be Pierce’s granddaughter
  • Eino Saari
  • And more

So many ghosts have been spotted when people are in the house, that it’s not uncommon for visitors to get a taste of this paranormal anxiety that so many talk about. People have mentioned hearing voices in the halls, slamming doors, footsteps, shadows, bad smells, and objects that move from one space to the next. One of the strangest paranormal encounters that have happened was a visitor that said they felt as though someone was pushing them down the stairs while they were taking a tour, and a few other visitors have mentioned the feeling that they were being shoved out of the window on the third story.  

If you are dying to encounter some paranormal activity and spaces where ghosts are known to be seen, the S.K. Victorian Mansion is a place that you need to visit. Check out the current ghost hunts that are scheduled to tour the mansion, and schedule your official ghost hunt with our!