The 76 House, New York

The Old 76 House, also known as the oldest dining room in the United States. Built in 1668, the tavern that is located in Tappan, New York has quite a bit of history surrounding it, that also seems to be tied to quite a bit of paranormal activity. This building itself played a huge part in The Revolutionary War, which might be why so many spirits do still linger here, but we’ll get to that later. One of the reasons that we do our best to host ghost hunting events at The Old 76 House is because of the incredible history that this building holds, but also because of the insane hauntings that have been recollected from time spent here.


As we said before, this building is one of the most influential buildings of The Revolutionary War. The place that is now a tavern, and still serves plenty of customers, was once a meeting space for patriots. The house itself served as a safe space when the air was full of shots being fired, but the tavern itself was actually a prison space for the notorious spy, Major John Andre. The space itself was not a prison, but it did ensure that this man would be a place where this man would not be able to pass any information on. This was the only prisoner that was held in the space, but it was not the only important figure that spent some time at the Old 76 House. The tavern was also used to accommodate many great generals, one of the more well known being General George Washington.

Life in this town was really centered around the tavern, and that made it one of the spaces that deserved some restoration. Being the space that a good amount of weddings, gatherings, celebrations, meetings, news exchange and more happened, it wasn’t hard to get the town excited about the renovations that were going to happen in this space. Because of its age, it was an extremely difficult building to restore without entirely reconstructing. The initial foundation, made from stone, had never settled evenly and the floor above that had a poor structure that made it incredibly unsteady. In the time that the renovations were being made, people found out that the Old 76 House had actually been built in 3 different phases, which explained better why there was such a wide variety of supplies used throughout.

The original floorplan is what makes up most of the main floor of the tavern today, while the additional spaces that were added were designed entirely to complement the rest of the space. One of the primary things that needed to be fixed was, in fact, the foundation. We mentioned how it was extremely uneven, well, this is something that took a good chunk of the time that was spent in reconstruction. More than 30 tons of clay was added, by hand, to ensure that all of the foundation was even. After that, crews began to work on the beams and structural touches of the building. There were plenty of pieces that crews were able to reuse and improve, but they were also to go back and find similar pieces so that the overall look of the space is cohesive and flows nicely. Updated additions were made to accommodate air conditioning, pipelines, wiring and more, but were hidden and placed specifically so that the building wouldn’t change more than it needed to throughout this reconstruction period.

While there have been quite a bit of accommodation made, leaving the tavern in a place where it can at least stand for the years to come, there are still quite a few touches from the past that remain. We aren’t talking about the structure this time. One of the reasons that people do come and visit this location is because of the occurrences that people have mentioned experiencing while at the tavern. Even after all of the updates and enhancements, people still talk about plenty of happenings that we are entirely unable to explain.


As the oldest dining room in the country, you can only imagine a number of stories that its walls hold. As far as the building has been privately own, it’s passed along tales of haunted and paranormal occurrences. For 100’s of years, the stories of paranormal activity have told of haunted spirits that interact with the guests of the tavern. One of the stories that we hear most of the time is from servers that talk about objects like chairs and dishes falling off of the tables. As we mentioned earlier, the structure was a huge concern of the building and its ability to remain open, so the fact that there are still strange objects falling off of these table tops, without there being any explanation, is something that we’ve only been able to explain as paranormal activity.

Now, if you think we’re jumping to conclusions, this is something that we’ve used quite a bit of equipment on. When people visit there are a few tables that they talk about having haunted experiences at, two of the better-known tables are table 2 and table 11. There have also been so many EVP readings, shadow monitors throughout and mediums that have visited the space. One of the main experiences that people coming on ghost tours notice are the various shadows that crawl along the walls.

Another one of the strange occurrences that people have brought up is that there are random coins that continue to show up. In fact, one of the main words that the EVP devices pick up is the word coins. They are scattered throughout the floor without any explanation as to why they would be there. Others EVP devices have picked up spirits saying purse and change, and while we aren’t sure how these two relate to what is happening in the area, we know that there is some sort of message that the spirits are trying to get across to us. Maybe you’ll find some spare change while you’re visiting the tavern.

Ghost Hunting Event

One of the reasons that this location is so well known is because it does still currently serve plenty of customers. The team at Ghost Hunts USA wants to ensure that you get the full experience when you go and visit the Old 76 House, and the best way to do that is by enjoying a three-course meal in the tavern itself. You will enjoy delicious food, but also the company of a medium that will guide your ghost hunting experience with the paranormal entities that linger in this space. Some of the people that have participated have mentioned a change in their emotion, one that we can only assume is the sadness people that spent time in the town once felt. Whatever unexplainable experiences people are having here, we know for a fact that the there is some sort of presence and that it sends chills down nearly every visitors back. If you’re interested in a time that is extremely emotion based and can emulate the feelings that many of the people that once served in the revolution and lost individuals in this once crowded place, then it’s definitely worth scheduling a time to come out and experience all that we have to offer here at the Old 76 House.

If you are someone that loves the way that an overnight stay or a meal at The Old 76 House sounds, then it’s definitely worth considering checking out our schedule and seeing if you can go to one of the events that we have scheduled currently. When you stop in to investigate this space, with the right equipment and individuals, you will be able to get involved in some seriously spooky stuff. We can show you around and explain where the historic areas Like we said, check out the events available, and hopefully, we’ll see you on our next big trip to New York.