The Farnsworth Inn, Pennsylvania

When you think of a bed and breakfast, the last group of people that you imagine spending time with are those that have already passed. While it may not be ideal, that is exactly the group of people that are most known for staying at the Farnsworth Inn. The team at Ghost Hunts USA happened to be intrigued by the stories that have been told of the Farnsworth Inn, and we immediately made it a part of the list of locations that we go out to visit. Check out the history of the inn and see what it is that continues to intrigue us.


The Farnsworth Inn was built as early as the 1800s. It’s tough to say when the house was officially built, seeing as how it has changed ownership quite a time. Claims say that it was built around 1810, but the actual date remains unknown. This time period seems pretty accurate, given the architecture and touches that are throughout the inn.

The house was given the name The Farnsworth Inn, in memory and respect to General Elon J. Farnsworth, who lead a charge that ended brutally and took the lives of Farnsworth and 65 of his men. In 1863, the Lincoln procession passed the house, on it’s way to the national cemetery where the Gettysburg address was given. A man by the name of Harney Sweeney owned the house throughout the battle of Gettysburg.

The land that this building was constructed on belonged to a man by the name of Reverend Alexander Dobbins. He split up the land so that he could sell it. John F. McFarlane was the first individual to actually own the home, and he did so until the time of his death in 1851. At this time, it became the property of the Bank of Gettysburg.

Long after the battles were done, the house continued to change owners and have different individuals and families make their way through the home to leave their own mark on the house. At this point in time, the house made it’s way through various owners, including the Black family that called the house, The Sleepy Hollow Inn. They sold this name on the story that there were 135 bullet holes in the side of the home.

After that, in 1972, the house was bought by Loring and Jean Shultz. This particular couple were the ones that finally gave into the paranormal experiences that they had had, and exposed the stories of this house to the living world so that we could all enjoy the haunted location. These paranormal stories are the ones that have given us the spark of curiosity to make our way to the Farnsworth Inn and experience the paranormal activity on our own. The haunted attraction that we take you is one that we believe needs time to experience, which is why we offer the ability to stay overnight in one of the most haunted locations in Gettysburg.


As we mentioned before, this bed and breakfast isn’t one for the faint of heart. People that have visited the Farnsworth Inn have told tales of children's laughter keeping them up through the night and beds violently shaking as they tried to enjoy their stay, both things that you wouldn’t hope to encounter at your usual bed and breakfast.

When you look at haunted locations in the Gettysburg area, you are more than likely to find some incredible stories from the spirits that remain there. These spirits have seen great battles, brutal deaths and often more than willing to share their tale with those that visit. When people visit the basement, it’s soldiers that are there to welcome them, and we absolutely love this type of interaction. They are some of the more energetic and noticeable presences that we are able to experience, and it’s that experience we are eager to share with you.

One of our favorite parts about this specific haunted location is the way that it’s split up. With any inn comes the general breakdown of rooms for guests to stay in, and in this particular space, each room offers something else for paranormal investigators to enjoy. Like we said, people can feel a presence watching over them while they’re in the space, but they can also hear very slight movements behind them and around them as they make their way through different rooms.

 There is one room, in particular, has a woman that haunts the space. She is seen to be folding the sheets in the room and is weary of letting any guests in the space. Mediums who have spent time in the area have talked about how this spirit is very aware that there are people in her space and that they are staying there, but she doesn’t enjoy it because the room was once hers. This is one of the more dominant presences that remains at the Farnsworth Inn.

 The attic is known for having a man that doesn’t appreciate the visitors that make their way through and makes his presence known. Some of the people that have visited this space mention a change in the atmosphere and mood. Where it starts to get a little bit spooky is in the EVP recordings and the cameras that show the change in temperature. Unexplainable changes from warm to cold are recorded on these cameras, showing just where the energy and spirits are in a room.

 Ghost Hunts USA welcomes you to come to the space and enjoy a paranormal investigation like none other. We will provide you with access to the location, but also with the high-quality equipment that makes these types of haunted tours exciting. Your tour includes an overnight experience with accommodations at the inn and a delicious meal in the space. Don’t wait to get out here, schedule your tour after browsing our schedule and finding one that you can attend. Gettysburg is an area that anyone passionate about haunted attractions and paranormal activity needs to visit, and we’d love to be the ones that take you there.