The Knickerbocker Hotel, Pennsylvania

The Knickerbocker Hotel in Linesville, Pennsylvania is a fantastic place to stay the night, unless you’re planning on sleeping. While this place does allow for you to stay the night for a fee, the paranormal activity that you’ll experience will keep you up and leave you wanting to learn more about why these spirits linger in the space. Check out what types of events warranted some of the hauntings that you’ll experience when on a ghost hunting event at The Knickerbocker Hotel.


Established in 1879, and officially opened in 1882, this building has stood for over 130 years. Originally known as the Arnold House, designed and constructed by Milo Arnold and his wife Clara, the hotel and its functionality rested heavily on these two individuals. The hotel was beautiful, and it wasn’t unnoticed. From the interior design and decor to the service of the hotel in general, this establishment was one of the most prestigious hotels in the area. Two years after having opened the Knickerbocker Hotel, Clara Arnold, at age 38, was sick with TB. Having lived an incredible life that included mothering children, two marriages, and a successful business, her final words were recorded as being “Do not worry, I’m just going to sleep”.

The hotel had frequent visitors, but the Arnold family, as well as some of the hotel staff, were permanent residents of this space. Along with Milo and wife, Clara was Rosie and Varnum, the families children. The history of the hotel after her death has become somewhat of a mystery in itself. The oldest census that can be found is in 1900, in which the Arnold family was still noted as being the residents. Milo remarried in 1886 to a woman named Minnie. Together they had two children, Bessie and Katie. The 1900 census listed Milo and Minnie, with their two children, but Rose and Varnum had since left. At this time Milo’s occupation was listed as a farmer.

The family continued to grow in this space. 10 years down the road the census noted all children but Rosie living in the house, and 10 years from there the census noted Varnum still living there with a wife and his children.

While the ownership of the hotel has been passed on, one part of the hotel that still remains is a family cemetery that Milo had purchased six plots in. Only two of these plots are filled, one by Clara and another by someone that is assumed to have been a child of Clara and Milo’s that passed away prior to Clara. The other graves remain empty.

The ownership of the hotel was passed along from one person to the next, for quite some time, up until it was purchased by Peg Knickerbocker in 2005, who is the same owner today. In the time of having owned this hotel, it has gained the name Knickerbocker hotel and Peg has made an incredible effort to help this hotel obtain its full potential. While the hotel is being cared for that someone cares for just as Clara once did, the hotel is said to have an incredible amount of paranormal activity that happens throughout the hotel, including the spirit of Clara Arnold.


Clara Arnold put her heart and soul into the hotel. From the decor and the design that she put into this building, it’s no wonder that her spirit is said to have haunted this location. It’s

Mediums and EVP technology have been used at this location, and all show the presence of various spirits. From the audible voices that are recorded on EVP to the different connections that mediums make when they walk through the space, the emotions of the spirits that haunt this location can be found. It’s one of the most emotionally heavy places that people can go and visit. While there are spirits that linger in the space, it is memories and positive spirits that remain in the building, making it one of the better places to interact with spirits.

As we mentioned before, one of Clara’s children that had passed away prior to her, and this spirit is with her in the building. EVPs have recorded clear voices that express an unbearable pain that poor Clara still has. From talking about heartache and asking where her children are, this spirit creates a very real energy throughout the space that leaves all visitors feeling the pain that this woman still holds. Cameras, flashlights, and the devices that we use while we’re exploring the area have all lost power, had battery drained or entirely lost their functionality, showing the amount of energy that these spirits have.

If you are daring enough to make an overnight stay at the Knickerbocker Hotel, then Ghost Hunts USA are the people that you need to trust with your ghost hunting event. A medium that connected with the spirit of Clara has said that she enjoys when people visit her, and we do our best to make sure that happens. Check out the tours that we currently have scheduled at the Knickerbocker Hotel, and find one that works with your schedule. We can’t wait to go on this thrilling ghost hunting adventure with you.