Ashmore Estates

Secure your space with a deposit of $30 per person and then remaining balance due 4 weeks before the event, deposit is subtracted from full total payment per person. All deposits and full payments are non refundable or transferable.


Welcome to the very haunted Ashmore Estates.  This former poor farm is one frightening and haunted location, which is rated in the top 50 most haunted locations in America, you will soon realize why this location has the reputation that is has.

This is a ghost hunting sleepover event which means you can choose where to sleep and what time to retire to bed!  Once you have taken the brief history tour you will begin to understand what really occurred within these secretive walls and how this location has earned its dark reputation!

Our guests numbers are capped per event date and our dedicated and well experienced staff will divide you into smaller groups for investigations. You will have the opportunity to rotate through the hotspots of this location conducting paranormal experiments, vigils and séances! You'll also have free time to explore Ashmore Estates and to undertake your own vigils.