Burlington County Prison

Burlington County Prison in Mount Holly, New Jersey, has been called the #1 Most Haunted Location in all of New Jersey by several news sources due to the harrowing haunting that still lingers within the walls of this dark building.  It has even attracted the attention of experienced paranormal investigators and been featured on SYFY's Ghost Hunters.

Ever since Burlington County Prison found it's new home in 1811, it has played host to some of the country's most dangerous criminals including the infamous "Boston Strangler."  Many of the inmates still linger in the corridors waiting for someone to hear their pleas for mercy.

Public hangings were conducted in the right in the courtyard of the prison so you can imagine that there are several disgruntled victims lurking to seek revenge for their public humiliation, deserved or not.  It leaves a heavy and dark energy wandering aimlessly about the Prison's property that many guests have experienced first-hand.

Will you be one of the people brave enough to offer solace to the former inmates or will you flee in fear before hearing their stories?

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