Old Licking County Jail

Secure your space with a deposit of $30 per person and then remaining balance due 4 weeks before the event, deposit is subtracted from full total payment per person. All deposits and full payments are non refundable or transferable.

Old Licking Jail is dark...it's haunted...and it's frightening!!

Having being featured on paranormal shows like Ghost Adventures, Resident Undead and also in the paranormal film "God Don't Make The Laws".

Once you set foot into this haunted Jail you will immediately understand why this is one of the most haunted and most popular locations to investigate.

The very haunted Old Licking County Jail in Newark, Ohio is a haven for full blown ghostly apparitions. The horror that was encountered, endured and experienced by many former inmates leaves the residual energy here purely terrifying.

Many guests and visitors have heard cell doors slamming, other have heard cries of help coming from areas that have been locked off, and still others have been touched and pushed.

The dungeon area is one of the most active and frightening areas, which has left many previous guests fleeing and refusing to continue.