Silvio's Villa - Warwick - NY

Secure your space with a deposit of $30 per person and then remaining balance due 4 weeks before the event, deposit is subtracted from full total payment per person. All deposits and full payments are non refundable or transferable.

Silvio’s Villa serves an authentic Italian Cuisine in the quaint setting of sprawling estate that is rooted in the 1700’s.  But guests rarely dine alone! 

The history of the location alone can send chills up your spine but the experiences of guests and investigators will leave you speechless.  Footsteps, doors opening and closing, shapes entering in and out of dimly lit spaces late at night, visible orbs and faint shouting – the paranormal activity that has been captured, witnessed and experienced here are formidable. 

It was originally inhabited by a Revolutionary War veteran Levi Ellis.  After several owners it was purchased by the Vail Family, then tragedy struck. In 1972, Roy Vail's sister was found murdered, and rumors swirled that Roy was a suspect.  A decade later, he committed suicide in what is now the Vail Room, this is just one of the spirits that haunts this location.