The Gill House - Galion, Ohio

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1 dark, frightening and haunted location!

The Gill House has been featured on paranormal programs such as The Resident Undead and investigated by several experienced paranormal investigators from around the world.  The influential socialites that built this mansion at the turn of the last century, Bloomer and Nellie Gill, still seem to linger around the 6,000 square feet of their former home. 

Was someone hanged in the attic?  Do children still play hide-and-go-seek throughout the mansion?  Is there a malevolent entity in the attic that portrays itself as innocent children?  Is there a woman lurking in the shadows waiting to show guests proof of the afterlife? 

Personal experiences, EVPs (electronic voice phenomena), disembodied screams and voices, shadow figures, full-bodied apparitions, unexplainable photographs – the former residents and their elite friends still roam the vast mansion known as the Gill House. 

Will you be brave enough to undergo a lone vigil in the basement with the mischievous children?  Or perhaps you’d prefer the attic with the angry man?

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