Season Ticket Terms and Condtions:

Terms and Conditions:

  1. Season Pass can only be used by the named person and you will need to produce identification at check-in,
  2. Only one person is admitted under the season pass, and can not be shared with other family members, spouses or friends,
  3. Each season pass will admit one person up to the full value of the event,
  4. Should you wish to attend a sleepover event where the accommodation sleeps 2, then you are required to pay for the additional person at the full advertised rate,
  5. Season Pass is non transferable,
  6. There are a set number of Season Pass holders permitted onto each event, and is based on a first come first served basis,
  7. No refunds can be made on unused Season Passes,
  8. Should you wish to cancel one of your chosen events, you will need to provide at least 21 days written notice,
  9. If you fail to attend on your chosen event, then this will count to one of your used events,
  10. Season Pass expires on 31st December 2016,
  11. To book using your season pass you will be provided with a unique code to enter at checkout.
  12. Season passes can't be used on our Charity Events,
  13. Only 1 season pass customer per room, when booking an overnight sleepover event (where the room accommodates two persons or more).