Hill View Manor, New Castle - PA - September Events - Dinner and Psychic Medium(s)

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Event Start Time: 8:00pm

Event Finish Time: 04:00am

The #1 most popular haunted location in Pennsylvania

Hill View Manor is one haunted and very formidable location.  The daunting spirits that lurk these hallways have a reputation that has led Hill View Manor to be featured on many paranormal television programs including: Ghost Hunters, Ghost Adventures, Ghost Lab, Ghost Asylum and more.

The spirits of Hill View Manor like to make themselves known.  Many guests have reported seeing full blown apparitions, being pushed, having their hair and clothing pulled, and hearing disembodied voices cry out.  Perhaps they are trying to tell their stories of the horror that they faced through neglect and the incompetency of previous owners.  Whatever their reasons, nothing will prepare you for what is waiting on these haunted and abandoned wards.  

Hill View Manor once served as an asylum for the mentally ill, severely destitute and elderly without family to care for them.  It also was a skilled nursing center for the older citizens of the county and dealt with severe overcrowding issues.  The many different uses of the building have left a residual energy that is purely electrifying.  The spirits of former patients and workers apparently have unfinished business and are ready to share their stories with the living.

Every Ghost Hunt here is always different from the previous, this is what makes Hill View Manor so unique.  Hill View Manor is a vast building with several haunted wards and we have access to the basement which still houses the personal belongings of former patients.  You will be exploring and ghost hunting in the most active areas of this very haunted hospital including the chapel where we have been fortunate to capture outstanding EVPs.  Are the voices still praying for their loved ones?

With reports and witnessed poltergeist activity such as items being thrown, chairs moved and the dark entity in the basement, this location will leave you wanting more!

One question remains, where will you venture off to during your free time?

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The Lawrence County Home for the Aged, also known as the poor house or poor farm housed the county’s mentally ill, severely destitute, and elderly residents that didn’t have any known family. It was built to replace the aging New Castle City Home and consolidated various small institutions around the county.

The facility opened it’s doors on Tuesday, October 19, 1926.  That day, Perry D Snyder, and his wife Mary A Snyder, whom were first elected in March 1913 to serve in respective posts of the New Castle City Home, took up residence in the Lawrence County Home for the Aged.  Along with Mr. and Mrs. Snyder, their two children, about 12 staff members, and the first twenty inmates, left the old City home and also took up residence in the Lawrence County Home.  A young boy was among these first twenty inmates, although the home did not generally take children.

In June of 1944, county welfare officials and the Snyder’s, now in their late seventies, were accused of incompetence at the home.  During the hearing the Snyders were retired with pensions, but permitted to stay at the home.  By late August, the Snyder’s were given three weeks to vacate the premise. The Snyder’s run of over thirty years of service to the community had ended, and Mantz B. Hogue, the longtime director of the welfare department, took over operations at the home.

The home continued to operate for many years and in the latter half of the 1960’s was remodeled and slowly changed into a  skilled nursing center while under supervision of Director Clarence E Covert. By 1970 the home was facing severe overcrowding issues, and Covert became bitter about the lack of county support and resigned in January of 1973.

In December of 1974 the county decided to add a new section, which is now known as the North Wing, and remodeled some of the existing floors.  A new three-story addition including an additional basement floor was to be built.  This would allow the home to accommodate another thirty or more residents.  A new kitchen and dining room and other occupational rooms were included in the construction.  The north wing opened in mid-1977, and after a contest to find a more suitable name for the Lawrence County Home for the Aged, it was renamed as Hill View Manor on March 22, 1977.

Hill View Manor closed it’s doors in 2004 due to financial constraints. Although it seems to sit quietly at the top of the grassy hill above Route 65, evidence of its history remains active.

Your ghost hunt at Hill View Manor includes the following:

  • Supper (Pizza),
  • In-Depth History Tour,
  • Psychic Medium Vigil* (if psychic present),
  • Group Vigils,
  • Ghost Hunting Vigils,
  • Lone Vigils,
  • Free Time to explore this location and to undertake your very own private vigils,
  • Use of our equipment which includes, trigger objects and EMF Readers,
  • Unlimited Refreshments, Including Coffee, Tea, Hot Chocolate, Bottled Water and Soda.

*This Event many not include a psychic medium