Poasttown School - Middletown, Ohio - July Events

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Rated as 1 of the top most haunted schools in America

Poasttown School, formerly known as Madison Township School, has been documented as one of most harrowing and haunted locations in Ohio.  Several professional investigator teams have collected evidence that will leave you with chills.  And its soon to be featured on Destination America’s Ghost Brothers.  This is a location that calls to guests and investigators alike to plunge into the depths of the darkness that lurks these hallways.

The dark rumors that circulate the land have left many believing that it is actually cursed.  In 1910, at least 24 people were killed in a horrific train crash.  The land where Poasttown School now sits was used as a makeshift hospital and the final stop for several passengers.  This would have been enough to tarnish the grounds with the blood of the innocent but 105 year later there was a second train crash claiming the lives of people. TWICE! Was this a coincidence or something more?

There are several former students, teachers, caretakers and janitorial staff that still linger around the building.  Do they have unfinished business?  Are the still seeking education or perhaps they are wanting to educate the guests and investigators about the afterlife…


One spirit that has been spotted and captured on several occasions is that of a young girl.  Did she fall or was she pushed?  That’s still a lingering question and she may be still trying to provide an answer.  She often hovers near the spot beneath the stairwell where she landed.  There have been many guests who have felt overwhelming sadness in this same location.  Some have even claimed to have been touched by something trying to get their attention.

Before Poasttown School was built, the land was used as a farm where expectant mothers were brought to give birth to their children conceived outside of marriage.  Rather than bring shame to their families, the newborn children were ripped from the arms of their mothers and sold.  Some of the full blown apparitions that have been captured include a weeping woman.  Is she still seeking to be connected to her lost child?

Not all the spirits that roam the halls can be identified as human.  Many guests have witnessed the Shapeshifter who appears as a dark shadow.  Are you brave enough to face off against the unknown during a lone vigil?

With dark corridors, haunted classrooms, and sinister voices—wherever you venture off during free time, you won’t be alone!


Poasttown Elementary School was dedicated in 1937. Before it was a school there were multiple train wrecks with casualties within a mile of the property.

The building is currently owned and operated by Darrell and Brenda Whisman.

The six gentlemen seen in this photograph made up the Madison Township School Board when Poasttown Elementary School was opened. The school opened on September 7, 1937, but was not dedicated until April 15, 1938. Dr. Walter Collins gave the dedicatory address, and County School Superintendent C.H. Williams also spoke. The members of the School Board were, front row left to right: George Finkbone, Carl Seigel and Nathan Weikel. Back row left to right: Lacy Keith, Harry Selby and Harry Augburger.



On August 18, 1936, the voters of Madison Township passed a bond issue for a consolidated elementary school at Poasttown and an addition to West Middletown School. On September 7, 1937, the new school on Franklin-Trenton Road opened. This brought the end to the township's one-room schools. Pupils from Upper and Lower Browns Run, Dubbs, Pike and old Poasttown were assigned to the new building. The new school opened with 200 pupils; however all construction was not completed, so the building was not dedicated until April 15, 1938. This image must have been made some time in 1972.


Your ghost hunt at Poasstown School includes the following:

  • Group Séances,
  • History Tour,
  • Exclusive Access to the Haunted Cafeteria ,
  • Ghost Hunting Vigils,
  • Structured Vigils,
  • Ghost Hunt with experienced Ghost Hunting Team,
  • Use of our equipment which includes, trigger objects and EMF Meters,
  • Private time to explore this location and to undertake your very own private vigils,
  • Unlimited refreshments available throughout the night including: Tea, Coffee, Hot Chocolate, Coca Cola, Diet Coke, and Bottled Water.
  • Selection of snacks.