Silvio's Villa, Warwick - NY - *Halloween Event* Wednesday October 31st 2018 - 4 Course Dinner, Psychic Medium(s) and Ghost Hunt

$ 179.00

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This event includes a 4 course dinner, All sales Tax and Gratuity is also included! Psychic Mediums will be offering a short tarot card reading, on a first come first served basis, limited to a maximum of ten minutes.

Event Time: 8:30pm until 3am

4 Course Dinner Starts at 9:00pm and Ghost Hunt from around 10:30pm.

This event includes psychic medium(s) and a 4 course dinner.

You will be dining with the psychic, and Ghost Hunts USA staff.

Psychic led Ghost Hunting Vigils, Tarot Cards (1st come, 1st served basis), and lone Vigils.

Silvio’s Villa serves an authentic Italian Cuisine in the quaint setting of sprawling estate that is rooted in the 1700’s.  But guests rarely dine alone!  The history of the location alone can send chills up your spine but the experiences of guests and investigators will leave you speechless.

Footsteps, doors opening and closing, shapes entering in and out of dimly lit spaces late at night, visible orbs and faint shouting – the paranormal activity that has been captured, witnessed and experienced are formidable.  A young girl with long brown hair and big beautiful brown eyes has been seen smiling at guests from the safety of the Vail Room.  A large bottle of whiskey flew off the shelf and tossed itself into the back of the bartender as patrons looked on in surprise—perhaps a disgruntled spirit was interested in a different type of spirit…

The parking lot lights will inexplicably turn off and will only relight when asked nicely to do so.  Guests and patrons have heard their names screamed into their ear by disembodied voices.  Unexplained messages have appeared on guests’ cell phones without any return number.  Who knew an 18th century ghost would prefer such a modern means of communication?

Table 24, near where previous owner and murder suspect Roy Vail committed suicide, appears to have a jokester spirit that likes to rearrange the table setting the moment the staff turns their backs.  Maybe it’s the same spirit that pushes the artwork askew during the night for the owner to find in the morning.

Ghostly warnings have been captured on EVPs (electronic voice phenomena) throughout the building but the most common is the recording of a female voice warning patrons before entering the attic, “Don’t go up there!”  What secrets are hidden that they do not want the living to discover?

A visit to Silvio’s Villa assures you a delicious meal, beyond question, but there is one thing that needs to be answered – are you brave enough to undergo a lone vigil in the wine cellar?



Course 1:

Mix Green Over Red and Golden Beats (With Lemon Thyme Vinaigrette) 

Course 2:

Trio - Veal, Chicken, Scallop Meat Ball with

spicy sweet creamy tomato sauce

Course 3:

Roasted French Cut Herbed Chicken Breast over faro with Butter nut Squash Puree and Pan Jus


12oz NY Strip grilled topped with Herb Butter served with roasted root vegetable and garlic mash


Fulled of Sole over Basil Rissotto with Lemon Butter Sauce

Course 4

Mini Dougnuts

Tea and Coffee

Silvio’s Villa is a sprawling 18th Century Inn that was once home to travelers, families and mystery!  The Warwick Valley is steeped in a rich history dating back 12,000 years to the Native American inhabitants, the Minsi Tribe, and continues through the patent of Warwick named by Benjamin Aske in the mid 18th Century.

Their story beings later in that century when Revolutionary War Veteran Levi Ellis built his home.  The original structure still stands and now encompasses Silvio’s front entrance and Ellis Room.  The Ellis house was expanded in 1811 and again in the mid 1800’s after Gilbert Drew purchased the Mansion and added the second story.  Under the Drew Family, the estate was fondly called the Maple Glen Farm.

From 1920-1960, the Harry Vail family owned the Estate and then it passed into the hands of Roy Vail, a famed gunsmith.  Among his patrons were the likes of Bing Crosby and Dwight D. Eisenhower.  Roy was also known for restoring General George Washington’s personal pistols.

As local lore describes, the life of Roy Vail was hit with tragedy when his sister was found murdered in 1972.  Formal charges were never brought in the case as her murder appeared to be without motive or suspect.  In a small close knit community rumors began to circulate that Roy was involved in his own sister’s demise.  A decade after her passing, Roy Vail walked into the mansion, near where table 24 sits today, and took his life.

Silvio’s Villa is now a part of the Haunted History Trail of New York State.


Your ghost hunt at Silvio's includes the following:

  • 4 Course Dinner,
  • Brief History Talk,
  • Psychic Medium(s),
  • Psychic Medium Tarot Card Reading (Limited on a first come first basis, and limited to a maximum of ten minutes),
  • Exclusive access to the former living quarters,
  • Exclusive access to the very foreboding attic,
  • Medium Vigil,
  • Group Séances,
  • Structured Vigil,
  • Ghost Hunt with experienced Ghost Hunting Team,
  • Use of our equipment which includes, trigger objects and EMF Meters,
  • Private time to explore this location and to undertake your very own private vigils,

Guests are strongly advised to bring appropriate clothing and a flashlight