SK Mansion, Gardner, MA - September Events

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Event Start Time: 8:30pm   Event Finish Time: 4:00am   Welcome to the extremely haunted S.K. Victorian Mansion


The S.K. Victorian Mansion has been rated one of America’s Most Haunted Homes and featured on several paranormal programs such as the Travel Channel’s Ghost Adventures, SyFy’s Ghost Hunters, Bio Channel’s My Ghost Story and 10 Most Haunted Places in New England.  The 7000 sq. ft. has been explored by experienced investigators and teams and visited by many guests.  Each coming away with many unexplained experiences and unique evidence.

Erected in 1875, the S.K. Mansion has had more than its fair share of tragedies and deaths throughout its existence.  Just 2 weeks after moving into their new home, Sylvester Pierce’s wife, Susan, died of a mysterious bacterial infection.  Sylvester also died in the home in 1888 leaving behind his second wife, Ellen, and their three sons.  Ellen died in the home in 1902 of cancer.  Edward, the youngest son, and his wife Bessie lost their 2-year-old daughter Rachel to the Spanish flu in 1916.  Bessie would also die in the home. 

With the family facing hard times due to the Great Depression, Edward converted the Mansion to a boarding home that entertained unsavory characters.  Gambling, drinking and prostitution was a norm that led to several unexplained incidences.  A prostitute was strangled in a bedroom on the second floor.  A man caught fire in the former Master Bedroom and died of smoke inhalation (some claim spontaneous combustion) and there is a story of a young boy who mysteriously drowned in the basement.  Edward would later gamble away the Mansion in a poker game in 1965 but the new owner allowed him to live in the basement where he died in 1967.

Gripped in the stronghold of tragedy and death, there is no wonder that the S.K. Mansion is a hotbed for paranormal activity.  Many believe they have encountered the spirits of Sylvester, Susan and Edward Pierce as well as former nanny named Mattie Cornwell.  One of the other spirits that is darker than the owners is one who many think is the man who strangled the prostitute.  There are entities that lurk in the darkness of the basement that few believe ever walked this mortal coil.  A wide array of spirits from innocent children to murderers to dark entities…who will you come face to face with in this vast Mansion?

Disembodied voices, chanting, full-bodied apparitions, furniture moving of its own volition, screens flying off windows, doors slamming, footsteps running up the stairs and down the hallways, changes in temperature, foul odors, shadow figures and an ominous lion’s roar that’s been known to shake the entire house – the personal experiences and evidence captured at S.K. Mansion is far from normal. 

The spirits here are known to be “hands-on” with guests being pushed down stairs or forced towards open windows.  All who enter should be wary of the spirits simply wanting to share their stories.  Are you brave enough to face the dark entities lurking in the shadows of the basement? 


Wealthy entrepreneur, Sylvester Pierce, built what is now known as the S.K. Mansion in 1875.  Having earned his fortune through his S.K. Pierce and Sons Furniture Company, his endeavors earned Gardner, Massachusetts the moniker “Chair City.”

Pierce’s Mansion was certainly befitting a man of his station covering 7000 sq. ft. with 10 bedrooms.  It’s said that it took 100 men a year and half to build because every square inch was formed and contoured with thoughtful care.  Hand-carved moulding and cornices can be seen from the master bedroom to the serving quarters. 

With a beautiful edifice such as Pierce’s Mansion, it’s no wonder that those who darkened the doorsteps were as influential as the man himself.  His guests included President Calvin Coolidge, Minnesota Fats, Bette Davis, P.T. Barnum and Norman Rockwell.  Sylvester also played host often to the Freemason Society.

The joy of moving into the Mansion was short-lived as tragedy swiftly befell the family.  Only a few short weeks after moving into the Masterpiece, Sylvester’s wife, Susan Pierce, succumbed to a mysterious bacterial illness.  Many questioned if the widower would move on after Susan’s sudden death, but just a year later he married Ellen Pierce – a woman 30 years younger than Sylvester.  When he passed away in 1888, he was survived by his 3 sons and Ellen. 

It wasn’t until Ellen died of cancer in 1902 that the bickering truly began.  The sons argued over control of the Mansion as well as the business but the Great Depression soon put an end to the argument as the business suffered greatly.  Edward, the eldest son, then took possession of the Mansion with his wife Bessie.  The couple had a daughter who died in the home of Spanish flu in 1916 at the age of two.  Later, Bessie would also die in the home.

With the family fortune all but gone, he struggled to make ends meet in questionable ways.  It is said that Edward converted the Mansion into a boarding home that attracted a vile type of character.  Gambling, drinking and prostitution saturated the once pristine home which inevitably lead to the darkest of occurrences.  It’s said that a prostitute was strangled in the red bedroom on the second floor.  Another questionable death was that of Finnish immigrant, Eino Saari who was discovered burned to death in the master bedroom in 1963.  Some tried to explain away his death with the theory of “spontaneous combustion” because there was very little damage incurred in the room as a whole.  Another suspicious death includes the story of a young boy who was drowned in the basement of the Mansion.

In 1965, Edward lost the Mansion in a poker game but the new owner allowed him to remain in the Mansion in a room in the basement where he died in 1967.  Over the next few decades the Mansion would change hands several times, each owner having their own tales of paranormal experiences and activity within the home. 

Your ghost hunt at SK Mansion includes the following:

      • Group Séances,
      • Ghost Hunting Vigils,
      • Free time to explore this haunted location and to undertake your very own private vigils,
      • Structured Vigils,
      • Ghost Hunt with experienced Ghost Hunting Team,
      • Use of our equipment which includes, trigger objects and EMF Meters,
      • Unlimited refreshments available throughout the night including: Tea, Coffee, Hot Chocolate, Coca Cola, Diet Coke, and Bottled Water.
      • Selection of snacks.

Guests are strongly advised to bring extra warm clothing with them.

Guests are strongly advised to bring extra warm clothing with them.