The Farnsworth House - Gettysburg, PA - Saturday November 25th 2017 - VIP Event

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3:00pm Check In


3:00pm until 7:00pm Leisure Time


7:00pm until 8:30pm Exclusive VIP Confederate Hospital Walk Journey into the heart of Gettysburg to hear gruesome tales of the building that the Union and Confederate armies used as field hospitals and of the soldiers that still remain.  Your exclusive and private guide will describe the gory details of Civil War Hospitals, including amputation.  Your journey will end back in the cellar of the Farnsworth House, which was used as a makeshift hospital during and after the battle.


9:00pm until 10:30pm Hot Buffet Dinner with Period Dressed History Presentation


10:30pm Grove History Tour and Ghost Hunt 11:30pm


The Farnsworth Inn Exclusive Ghost Hunt in the Attic and Basement 02:00am  Overnight Investigation Ends


08:00am until 10:00am Breakfast


11:00am Guests must vacate rooms


Price is per person based on a minimum of two guests per room.

(If you are coming alone, then a single person supplement is required - contact the office to make this booking)

Each Room can accommodate two persons.

All Taxes, Room Occupancy Taxes and Gratuities are all included.

The Farnsworth Inn is one of the most haunted locations in Gettysburg. We have exclusive private access to this very haunted house. This is an exclusive VIP psychic medium event with only 20 guests in attendance.

Price is per person and includes:

Rooms Start are $349 per person, please check room details for further information.

  • Overnight En-Suite Accommodation in the most haunted rooms at The Farnsworth Inn,
  • Exclusive VIP Confederate Hospital Walk
  • Hot Buffet (see menu options tab for further information),
  • Exclusive Private History Tour at a secret location on The Grove,
  • Ghost Hunting Vigils with exclusive access to the Attic and Basement at The Farnsworth Inn,
  • Complimentary Soda, Coffee and Snacks during Ghost Hunt,
  • Hot Breakfast,
  • VIP Event Limited to ONLY 20 guests,
  • All Room Taxes and Meal Gratuity Included

The Haunted Farnsworth Inn has been featured on many paranormal shows and has been rated in the #10 of most haunted Inn's within America. The Travel

The Historic Farnsworth Inn has entertained guests young and old from around the world with tales of the supernatural, the uncanny, and bone-chilling.

Whether walking the streets of Gettysburg, site of our nation's most tragic battle, or seated in one of the most haunted Inn's you are never far from those who linger most.

Restless souls roam, wandering the very place of their demise, lurking in the shadows as shadows themselves.

Ghost Hunting at the Farnsworth House will take Ghost Hunting to another level!

The encountered, witnessed and experienced paranormal at The Farnsworth House is truly breathtaking, and you will be ghost hunting in the extremely haunted cellar which has so many reported ghostly apparitions, which is currently decorated like a Victorian viewing parlor, which is ironic considering what our psychic picked up here. The opening vigil and sèance will be performed in the very foreboding basement and some of you (the brave) can participate in a lone vigil, in one of the most darkest areas where many refuse to enter.

When you venture upstairs to the attic area, you will be overcome with such a strong residual energy, and many ghost hunters have been touched, and many have had to leave this area due to the overwhelming sense of upset and remorse.

Price is per person based on a minimum of two guests per room. (If you are coming alone, then a single person supplement is required - contact the office to make this booking) Each Room can accommodate two persons.

The Eisenhower Room:

Located next to the Shultz Room in the main house (wood portion). The Eisenhower Room is named for Mamie Eisenhower who was a frequent visitor to the Farnsworth House. This lovely room is decorated in her favorite color, with pink and white floral wallpaper, a queen size white iron bed, Victorian love seat, Eastlake marble top table and antique lamp. The lovely, bright private bath has a tiled floor and antique claw foot tub/shower. Notice the painting by President Dwight D. Eisenhower.


The McFarlane Room:

The McFarlane Room is located in the original portion of the house, which was built in 1810. John McFarlane added the brick portion of the house in 1833. The McFarlane Room offers one queen size bed, accented with vintage clothing and antique sewing machine. Private bath, claw foot tub/shower and high tank pull chain commode.

The Sara Black Room:

The Sara Black Room is located in the brick portion of the main house overlooking Baltimore Street. Rest in the lovely lace-topped queen size canopy bed. The antique marble top dresser compliments the room. Private, spacious black and white bathroom with claw foot tub/shower. Victorian high tank commode and wicker dressing table. The room is named for a previous owner of the house. Considered to be one of the most haunted rooms in the house!

The Shultz Room:

Located in the main house, the Shultz Room is named for the present owners. Enjoy the lovely high queen size cherry four poster bed, antique oak wardrobe and unique corner chair. Private bath with green tiled floor and antique claw foot tub/shower. The Shultz Room boasts a unique Bradbury/Bradbury ceiling and hallway panels.

The Sweney Room:

The Sweney Room is located next to the Sara Black Room in the main house (brick portion), and offers a lovely queen size bed, antique dresser, and hall stand. It is named for the family that owned the house at the time of the battle. Private bath with tiled floor and antique claw foot tub/shower. Victorian high tank pull chain commode. Be sure to admire the beveled and stained glass windows.

Jeremy's Room:

Dedicated to our most active spirit in the house, our newest room is Jeremy's room. This beautiful, garden style room is decorated with whimsical, antique decor and toys for Jeremy himself. Jeremy's room has a private bathroom with claw foot tub and a gorgeous view of our gardens.

The Custer Room:

Named for the famous Civil War Calvary General and Indian fighter. General Custer would be very happy to stay in this room with it's rustic western motif - antler chandelier, animal trophies, Indian artifacts, and a mural of calvary troops. Queen size bed, tile floor, and a working gas fireplace. Private bath, Victorian high tank pull chain commode and shower. Be sure to notice the full size buffalo skin on the floor and the tin ceiling.

The Belle Boyd Room:

Named for the notorious Confederate spy, the Belle Boyd Room is located in the newer area off the garden. Pink and blue wallpaper cover the walls, with a cherub mural on one wall. Queen size four poster bed, Victorian high back chairs and gas fireplace. A large reclining nude oil painting and ornate tin ceiling complement the decor. The large tiled 'roman style' bathroom has a lovely dolphin mural and stained glass window with separate shower. TV in room. This is an ADULT ONLY room.

The Jennie Wade Room:

Located in the garden, this room is named in honor of the only civilian killed during the battle of Gettysburg. It is located off the courtyard, near the garden area. A queen size brass bed, camel-back trunk, antique wardrobe and brick gas fireplace. Private bath is tiled and has crystal and brass fixtures. Notice the lovely tin ceiling.

The Lincoln Room:

The Lincoln room is located off of the Courtyard and Garden area with Victorian cabbage rose wallpaper, antique prism chandelier, wardrobe, black marble gas fireplace. A replica of the rocking chair which Lincoln sat in at the time of his assassination at Ford’s Theatre and original newspaper articles of the Lincoln funeral procession completes this room. Above you will see a skylight with hanging plants which compliment the surrounding mirror. A high tank, pull chain commode, with separate shower… TV in room. This is an ADULT ONLY room.

Soup Of The Day


Complete Salad Bar With assorted dressings, fruit and fresh bread


Entrees Game Pie, Signature Dish Baked Ham w/Brown Sugared Pineappple Broiled Salmon Oven Roasted Herb Chicken


Vegetables Lancaster Ham & Green Beans Baked Sweet Potatoes Creamy Scalloped Potatoes Zucchini & Tomato


Desert Double Layer Chocolate Fudge Cake Apple Cinnamon Bread Pudding Granny Smith Apple Pie Gingerbread with whipped cream

Beverages - (Complimentary), Coffee, Tea, Lemonade or Iced Tea

Your are permitted to purchase alcoholic drinks directly from the bar, these are NOT included.

The Farnsworth House was built in 1810 as a farmhouse and got its' name from General Elon Farnsworth, who died during the Battle of Gettysburg. It was also the site of a rebel sniper's nest, and is thought to be the place that the musket ball that killed Jennie Wade was fired from. The B&B is allegedly loaded with spooks from the battle.

The sharpshooters in the attic are still there and supposedly are very active. It's said that you can hear one of them play a Jew's Harp to while away the time. You can hear the footsteps of another carrying a dying comrade down the stairs to the basement, where he softly sings to comfort him. Shadows have been spotted flitting throughout the house, mostly at night and often in the dining room. Footsteps have been heard pacing up and down the main hall.

But quite a few of the wraiths came as part and parcel of the house's history. A youngster named Jeremy was trampled to death outside the Farnsworth by a buggy while playing tag with his friends, and allegedly you can see him being cradled in a blanket by his sobbing father carrying him into the Inn. It's said that the boy roams the hotel, stealing things and exchanging them for toys. Jeremy's also supposed to haunt two other nearby houses, one a shop and the other a home.

A former resident called Mary died in the Sarah Black Room. She's appeared to guests there, dressed in a blue gown. She sits on the end of the bed and likes to toy with visitor's personal belongings and sometimes their hair. It's thought that she's been spotted in the next door Catherine Sweeney room, too. The guest that saw her had a cold, and Mary was a midwife in real life who tended to the House's ill. Mary's also been spotted accompanying the Farnsworth Ghost Walk Tour.

Another spirit was reported as a black mist that slowly morphed into the form of an old woman. A lady dressed in 19th-century garb has been seen checking out the kitchen supplies. She vanishes when you approach her. It's thought she's an old employee of the Inn keeping an eye on the shop. There's also been quite a bit of poltergeist activity involving the help - touchings, tugs on their aprons, overturned trays, the works.

One great Halloween story comes from there. A local radio station was setting up to broadcast from the Farnsworth on All Hallow's Eve. They were dressed in blue jeans and blue company tops. When they called into the station to check on their feeds, they talked to a person who was nicknamed Captain.

Apparently, all the people in blue reporting to their "Captain" put the rebel spirits into an uproar. A psychic that was along for the show said the spirits were afraid of being discovered by the Union troops - the people dressed in blue - and told her that there was a spy in their midst. She tried to tell one of the spooks that the war was over and he could move on. He didn't believe her.

The Inn has been featured on A&E's The Unexplained, Sci-Fi Channel's Sightings and the History Channel. It's in a virtual library of both history and spook books. The Farnsworth House is famous for more than its' hospitality.


Your ghost hunt at The Farnsworth House includes the following:

  • Check In from 3pm,
  • Overnight Accommodation,
  • Psychic Medium,
  • Union Buffet,
  • Exclusive VIP Confederate Hospital Walk,
  • History Tour on The Grove (One extremely active area),
  • Psychic Led Vigils and Séances,
  • Seancés,
  • Overnight Ghost Hunt with Ghost Hunts USA,
  • Overnight Sleepover in The Haunted Rooms,
  • Use of our equipment which includes, trigger objects and EMF Readers,
  • Free time to explore this location and to undertake your very own private vigils,
  • Unlimited Refreshments, Including: Coffee, Tea, Hot Chocolate, Bottled Water and Soda,
  • Breakfast.