The Sallie House Exclusive VIP Event - Atchison, Kansas - October Events

$ 249.00

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Event Start Time:  10:00pm

Event Finish Time:  9:00am

Event Finish Time:  09:00am (The Following Day)

The #1 Most Terrifying Haunted House in America 

We have exclusive overnight Access to one of the most haunted locations in America. Dinner is included at 8pm.

This is a VIP Event, which means our guest numbers are extremely small. You are permitted to bring a sleeping bag / cot with you, should you wish to rest your eyes. There is no hot water at this location.

The haunting of the Sallie House has intrigued psychics and paranormal investigators for decades.  As featured on the television series Sightings, the Paramount Pictures made-for-television movie the Heartland Ghost, Travel Channel’s Most Haunted Town, KQ2 News Unexplained Mysteries, Discovery Channel’s A Haunting, Biography Channel’s My Ghost Story and Travel Channel’s Ghost Adventures…the case of this home and its former residents, Tony and Debra Pickman, has been well researched and documented.

Perhaps the many deaths that occurred in the home, albeit from natural causes or illness, have thinned the veil between our realm and the spiritual realm.  Whatever the cause, the Sallie House never disappoints paranormal investigators. 

Full-bodied apparitions, objects flying through the air, items being moved, misplaced or lost and reappearing in another place, the sound of furniture being dragged and moved around, scratching in the walls, disembodied voices and animal sounds, EVPs (electronic voice phenomena) capturing the voices of men, women and children, phantom smells, and most frightening –physical harm of guests and investigators being scratched, burned and cut.

The spirit that has been documented most often is that of a little girl named Sallie.  The first psychic consulted on this case, Barbara Conner, identified the seven-year-old spirit as one that felt comfortable and loved by the Pickman’s.  They welcomed her, giving her gifts and offering disciplinary boundaries as if she were a living and breathing child in their home.  Tony saw the full-bodied apparition of the little girl and drew her with curly hair and a bow on her head.  That drawing was later identified by a former resident, Heather, who claimed the same little girl had been her imaginary friend as a child.

If the haunting was this simplistic and innocent then the story would have ended much more pleasantly for the Pickman’s.  But as the lack of luck would have it, Tony soon came under attack.  Fires were set in the house, he was often scratched and cut, and the family was tormented.  Was it simply the ghost of a little girl trying to get their attention or was something more sinister at play?

Several psychics have identified the spirit as an entity that only takes on the form of a little girl to win over the trust of the living.  The physical attacks have not stopped at the Sallie House.  Guests and investigators are also targets of the spirits that roam the hallways.  There is only one question that remains—are you brave enough to undergo a lone vigil in the former nursery where Sallie claims the corner?!?!




The property that has become known as the “Sallie House,” was built by MC Finney in 1867.  His time in the home was very short-lived, on September 27, 1872 at 10 pm, he passed away at the house.  He was followed in death by his father-in-law and son – who died almost two years to the date of his father, September 29, 1874. 

Over the next few decades the house changed hands through the Finney family.  In 1918, Agnes M. Finney (daughter of MC), lost her husband on May 4th at 7 am.  Shortly after, in 1920, she opened the house to boarders.  Agnes suffered from an illness for 3 years until she passed away at midnight on November 28, 1939.  For the next decade, 508 North 2nd Street remained in the Finney family until Charles H. Finney and his wife Mildred sold the property to the Dick Mize family in December of 1948.  They lived in the house for just a little over a year but it’s interesting to note that one of their children was named Sarah “Sallie” Margaret Mize.

Throughout the next few years the house sat vacant before being briefly occupied by the Roscoe Cook family.  In 1958, Ethel Anderson moved into the home and lived there until 1990.  She never reported any strange activity except for a fire that mysteriously broke out in the nursery the cause of which could never be explained.  Sometime within the next 2 years, Bobby and Colleen Humbard lived at 508 North 2nd Street.  Their daughter, Heather, had an imaginary friend named Sallie. 

From 1992-1994, Debra and Tony Pickman leased the house from the new owner, Les Smith Jr and his brother.  At this point, the haunting reaches a climax and the activity begins to be documented.

Prior to the Pickman’s moving in, there weren’t any known stories other than Heather’s imaginary friend.  But that’s normal for a child, right?  Tony and Debra were a young, unsuspecting married couple, both who had been raised as devout Catholics.  The strange occurrences began almost immediately in January of 1993.

Animals are typically more hypersensitive to the spiritual realm.  In the case of the Pickman’s this seemed to be true as well.  The family dog barked viciously at the nursery door for almost 10 days straight; the cats would watch something flying over their heads, back and forth.  Lights began to dim of their own accord, the electrical musical toys would turn on, the stuffed animals were mysteriously moved to the center of the room, a toy bear that kept turning around on its own, full-bodied apparitions of a little girl with a bow in her hair, candles being lit, pictures on the wall would be turned upside down, fires being set, and probably the most disturbing –Tony was physically attacked on several occasions.

Psychics and paranormal investigators have been to the residence on many occasions.  Some have identified the spirit of a little girl named “Sallie.”  However, others are loathe to believe that this entity has ever been human but actually portrays a façade in order to lure people into a false sense of security.  Perhaps you will be brave enough to venture an investigation of the spirits of the Sallie House!



Your ghost hunt at The Sallie House includes the following:

  • Exclusive Un-restricted overnight Access to this formidable haunted and daunting #1 most haunted house in America,
  • VIP Event,
  • Exclusive Access from 7:30pm until 9am,
  • Dinner,
  • History Tour,
  • Group Vigils,
  • Lone Vigils,
  • Overnight Ghost Hunt,
  • Continental Breakfast,
  • Use of our equipment which includes, trigger objects and EMF Readers,
  • Free time to explore this location and to undertake your very own private vigils,
  • Unlimited Refreshments, Including: Coffee, Tea, Hot Chocolate, Bottled Water and Soda

 You are ALSO permitted to bring your own equipment and devices. It is highly advisable to bring a flashlight.