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Welcome to one of the most haunted locations in Texas. Home to over 2,000 deaths! The spirits still linger here! Brave enough to undertake a lone vigil?


One of the most haunted locations in the great state of Texas is Yorktown Memorial Hospital.  The spirits that lurk the darkened and decaying corridors have lured paranormal investigators from around the world to enter into its depths seeking the secrets of former patients and workers.  As featured on The Travel Channel’s Ghost Adventures, the Yorktown Memorial Hospital was the home to over 2,000 deaths with countless spirits still trying to communicate about their demise.

Built in 1950 by the Felician Sisters of the Franciscan Order, Yorktown Memorial Hospital served the people of the community for thirty-six years.  During that time the nuns would serve as nurses and in any other capacity that was needed to care for the patients.  However, the mortality rate was unnaturally high for the size of the facility—losing over 600 patients in just six years.  Was there something more sinister going on behind the scenes or perhaps there was a darkness that already permeated the land and building that didn’t like the women of the cloth attempting their acts of mercy.  The spirits of several nuns have been seen on the grounds, going about their business as if they do not know they’re no longer part of this mortal coil.

Another spirit that lingers about has been identified as Dr. Leon Nowiersky.  Hid dedication cannot be denied having served Yorktown Memorial Hospital well into his 90’s, but the good doctor seemed to have a bit of a problem keeping his patients alive.  Several accidents happened under his care such as a patient in for thyroid surgery having his throat slit.  Dr. Nowiersky died after being forced into retirement and even during the time of operation at the hospital the workers thought him to haunt the Emergency Room and Operating Room.  He has also been spotted near the doctor’s lounge.

TJ is the spirit of a young man who is rumored to have overdosed outside Yorktown Memorial Hospital when it served as a rehabilitation center.  His friends supposedly dumped him off at the emergency entrance and rang the buzzer before abandoning him there.  People have identified a large black mass that paces through the basement as TJ.  Another spirit is supposedly that of a little girl named Stacey who has been seen on the first floor.  Through investigative techniques people believe they have discovered that she was a former patient that died at such a young age. 

Not all the spirits that linger are nice or helpful.  There is something on the second floor that doesn’t like women or men with tattoos.  The Chapel becomes less than inviting when scripture is read aloud with growls emanating from the darkened corners.  The basement is known to deeply effect investigators and guests—from people being scratched, items being thrown and one woman suffering a seizure.  There was a double homicide that took place in the basement when the hospital served as a rehabilitation center in the late 1980’s.  A female worker was having an affair with a male co-worker and a patient.  The man caught the woman with the patient in the basement and he stabbed her to death.  The patient claimed self-defense in wrestling the knife away from the other man and stabbing him to death as well.  No wonder there is some pent up rage still lingering around the site.

Disembodied voices, screams and growls, EVPs (electronic voice phenomena) of men, women and children, shadow figures, full-bodied apparitions, items thrown, investigators scratched, shadows lunging from corners—this former hospital is truly terrifying!  The only question remains—will you be brave enough to do a lone vigil with the darkness in the basement?!



Constructed in 1950, the Yorktown Memorial Hospital was originally founded by the Felician Sisters.  The Franciscan Order of nuns, as an act of mercy, solicited the funding needed to provide a medical center and serve the people of the community because at the time the closest hospital was in San Antonio, Texas.  When the facility opened in 1951, it was Christened “Memorial” in order to commemorate and remember the local men and women who had fallen in service during World War II.

The Felician Sisters served as nurses and in any other capacity that was necessary for running Yorktown Memorial.  They lived on-site and took care of the needs of the patients.  There was also a need experienced and licensed doctors.  The hospital’s location made it difficult to procure doctors but one doctor that is of note is Dr. Leon Nowiersky.  His dedication to the staff and patients of Yorktown Memorial led him to practice medicine well into his 90’s.  One source says that as he retired, he held the oldest medical license in Texas.  Although his devotion is to be championed, he was known for making mistakes.  For example, during a simple thyroid procedure he slit the patient’s throat.  As a medical liability, he was forced to retire and died soon after.

During the time of operation, nearly 2,000 people died within the walls of the facility.  600 of those deaths took place in a six-year period.  What exactly was causing such a high mortality rate?  Was the staff under qualified?  Was neglect involved?  Or was it just a bad coincidence?  There were rumors of a tuberculosis outbreak in the area but that was not what was attributed to the many deaths.

In 1986 the hospital was closed when a more advanced hospital was opened in the nearby town of Cuero, Texas.  At that time, the Yorktown Memorial Hospital became a rehabilitation center for those who suffered from alcohol and drug abuse.  The facility did not last long and was forced to close due to the staff’s inability to control the patients. 

Some of the incidents that occurred while Yorktown Memorial served as the rehabilitation center include: a patient entering the Feed Store across the street and slapping an employee; a double homicide in the basement; and a man overdosing outside the facility when his friends dumped him off at the emergency entrance.  The double homicide involved a female worker that was involved with a male co-worker and a patient.  The claim is that the man caught the woman with the patient in the basement and stabbed her to death.  The patient pleaded self-defense in wrestling the knife away from the male worker and stabbing him to death.

After the rehabilitation center was closed down in 1988, Yorktown Memorial Hospital stood abandoned.  The structure withered and decayed but within those walls a darkness still lurks in the corridors.  Former patients and workers have been spotted on numerous occasions, are they still going about their daily lives unaware that they have passed beyond the ether of the living?  There are many stories left to be told, you will not want to miss out on the opportunity to communicate with the spirits of Yorktown Memorial Hospital!

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Guests are strongly advised to bring extra warm clothing with them.